Being sick is the worst.

Care packages are the best.

Happy Vibes sends free mini care packages to teens and young adults who are

facing chronic illness and need a little happy.

Happy Vibes

Has anyone ever offered to send you, “Good Vibes”? Well, here, “Happy Vibes” get sent through mini care packages instead. There could be anything inside!

Chronically ill teenagers and young adults who spend too much time at the doctor’s, that’s who! Each mini-care packaging is free for the nominated recipient.

Happy Vibes knows that being chronically ill is the worst and feeling forgotten is one of the saddest of feelings. A mini care package can add a bit of happy!

One individual, eager to give back, is keeping Happy Vibes going! Consider helping the cause, or using the hashtag #sendhappyvibes to spread the word.

Happy Vibes wishes every nominee could receive a mini care package, but currently relies primarily on personal funds, so it’s just not possible.  Click here to give.